ChromeMats are 30-layer polyethylene films used right on the floor in front of the protected area. Mainly used in healthcare, laboratories, electronic and food industry.

ChromeMats are a dust-removal solution made of multi-layer Low Density Polyethylene Film components.
ChromeMats are extremely viscid. Each layer is bonded with a high viscosity coating that is smooth and durable and can rapidly and effectively remove dirt and dust from the working area.

Before entering clean rooms in healthcare (surgery, ICU, laboratories), electronics and food production, nuclear power plants, and anywhere dust-free and hygienic cleanliness is required, ChromeMats are used. The mat’s sticky surface safely captures dirt from staff shoes as well as the wheels of pushcarts that enter the cleanrooms.

ChromeMats collects dirt from shoes

Collects Dirt From Shoes

ChromeMats have numbered foils for user friendly organization

Numbered Foils For user Friendly Organization

self adhesive without mounting frame.

Self-Adhesive Without Mounting Frame

ChromeMats are eco friendly

Eco Friendly

ChromeMats are lab tested

Lab tested


specifications of ChromeMats

How To Use

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Collects Dirt From Shoes

Remove Upper Layer

The Mat Is Ready For Next Use

  • 1) Clean and dry the area where the mat will be installed.
  • 2) Remove the protective layer from the mat’s bottom side.
  • 3) Set the mat on the floor.
  • 4) Take off the top protective covering.
  • 5) Remove each of the 30 disposable adhesives one at a time.
  • 6) The fresh layer is now ready to catch dirt and dust.

Applications Of ChromeMat

chrome mat using  in health industry.

Health Industry

chrome mat using in electronic industry

Electronic Industry

chrome mat using in power industry

Power Industry

chrome mats are useful in food industry

Food Industry

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