Sensitech Temptale Datalogger Ultra Fit

Food and industrial


ultra fit data logger

TempTale Ultra Fit helps you:

• Quickly implement a cold chain temperature monitoring
program with an easy-to-use monitor that provides flexibility
in data storage

• Accurately monitor and track in-transit temperatures from
-30°C/-22°F to 70°C/158°F with high temperature accuracy

• Know when there are temperature excursions with
pre-programmed alarm profiles

• Easily find the temperature monitor with its bright color;
the LCD lets you know the status of the shipment
immediately upon receipt

• Securely download data and generate a PDF document
to include in quality assurance and compliance records

• Capture data no matter how long the trip with a monitor
that can capture up to 180 days of data with 16,000
data points

• Communicate and share information with your global
supply chain with PDF options that support five languages


TempTale® Ultra Fit is an easy-to-use and cost-effective temperature monitoring solution suited for export shipments where the software support is unknown at the receiving end. Simply start the monitor and place on the shipment. The USB/PDF monitor provides a simple, fully independent solution that can be implemented as needed to monitor perishable food during distribution, storage and handling. With the LCD display, receivers can make quick at-the-dock accept/reject decisions and can quickly collaborate with supply chain partners if there are issues.

TempTale Ultra Fit helps to retain quality in the supply chain by providing data and documentation for Quality Assurance compliance. Data is captured and can be stored in cloud-based ColdStream®, managed locally in TempTale Manager® Desktop or in PDF form in customer databases.

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