sterilizing scissors with sterilization bags

Tyvek® sterilization bags are made from Tyvek® and a polyester- based flexible film. These bags offer a higher strength alternative to paper/film pouches for steam sterilization.
Designed for the autoclave, these bags are puncture resistant and extremely tough. The Tyvek® side offers high breathability while providing an effective microbial barrier. The clear film side offers excellent clarity combined with strength and durability. Tyvek® sterilization bags are designed for steam sterilization, but can also be used for EtO or radiation sterilization. They are available with a convenient self-seal closure or can be heat sealed or taped closed.
Tyvek® sterilization self-seal bags facilitate easy component insertion, provide a quick and consistent sealing method, and allow aseptic presentation of the component when opened using the clean “chevron peel.”

• Autoclavable
• Tyvek®/polyester film construction
• Many sizes available

• Film side allows view of contents
• Self seal, heat seal and tubing styles
• Integral steam sterilization indicator



triple band seal

Triple Band Seal

Triple band seal for higher package integrity which effectively avoiding crack

sterilization color change

Sterilization Colour Change

It permits the transmission of air, steam or sterilization gas and provide clear and accurate indicator color change

water based

Non-Toxic Water-Based Ink

Non-toxic water-based ink to ensure text clearly display and not easy to fade

transparent film packaging bags

Transparent Film Packaging

Transparent film can clearly see the contents of the inside, preventing visual errors effectively


Sterilization Colour Change

Sterilization Colour Change

Turn to wine red from purple under plasma sterilization.

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